Given the situation of the caravan of people arriving today from Honduras to Guatemala for Agua Caliente border.

Regardless if there are political issues or caravan it is organized by políticos, as it has been suspected, what we find at our gates are people in need of attention and care.

Por ello, It has held a meeting at the Casa del Migrante Joseph in the Prelature of Esquipulas, Diocese of Zacapa and Chiquimula. Meeting where there are several instances to coordinate care for those arriving.

We expect prompt replies Honduras government through its embassy and consular officials in Guatemala.

We condemn any evidence of activities by traffickers.

We are concerned about those who truly are fleeing poverty and violence. Sobre todo, if they are elderly, mujeres y niños.

We entreat the presence and constant monitoring of the Human Rights Ombudsman.

That GRC can be attentive to the resources and medicines necessary to meet needs if health emergencies.

The National Civil Police ensure the integrity and security of both natives and newcomers.

That faith communities are articulated to ensure human attention.

What, to applicants for international protection, They are heard and attend under the current law in Guatemala and international conventions.

Pastoral Human Mobility of the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Solidarity of the Episcopal Conference of Guatemala calls for timely and human responses, not only before the caravan that makes news today, but to any person in a situation of poverty and forced migration primarily by violence.

timely responses are needed, urgent human by governments expulsion, transit and arrival; coordination and collaboration of international agencies such as the International Organization for Migration IOM, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR, the Committee of the International Red Cross ICRC, the United Nations Human Rights UNHCHR, and Faith Communities.

Together to ensure the protection and assistance with dignity to people in situations of human mobility.

Human Mobility Pastoral

Comisión Episcopal de Justicia y Solidaridad

Episcopal Conference of Guatemala

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  1. In solidarity with the Church, Pastorla of human Mobiidad, the Houses of Migrants and Communities congratulate you on your important and necessary work and presence with the people migrant. At the same time we have to be a prophetic presence denouncing the unjust causes of forced migration.
    The Christ of Esquipulas confirm a sua Church in the way of building the Kingdom of God
    fraternal greetings
    On. Mario Geremia
    Coordenacion National Ministry of Migrane

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